Yefran to Misratah

P1010209 P1010218 P1010226 P1010240 P1010242 P1010256 P1010264 P1010271 P1010276 P1010282 P1010284 P1010291 P1010293 P1010297 P1010303 P1010306 P1010310 P1010313 P1010315 P1010318 P1010324 P1010325 P1010330 P1010335 P1010339 P1010341 P1010342 P1010345 P1010351 P1010355 P1010367 P1010379 P1010383 P1010390 P1010394 P1010395 P1010403 P1010405 P1010406 P1010413 P1010415 P1010420 P1010421 P1010424 P1010427 P1010563 P1010568 P1010569 P1010570 P1010574 P1010575 P1010580 P1010587 P1010590 P1010592 P1010601 P1010603 P1010609

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  1. […] As Chris says very few crossing Libya. I used to work with Lucy who is part of the Shifting Sands project…..they crossed Libya just a few months ago (along the coast) their website has some good info and photos on the route they took. Yefran to Misratah – Shifting Sands […]

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