LandyRegistered in April 1971, Landy is the most senior member of the Shifting Sands crew and brings a valuable breadth of experience to the team.

A late long wheel base Series IIA Land Rover, she was built as a prototype for the Series III and has a distinctive combination of features including the headlamps in the wings notable in the Series III but with the metal grille and centrally located instrument cluster of the Series IIA.  Ever reliable (reliably loud!) with Ford fitted front seats and a slightly smoky cold start up, Landy has spent her most recent years negotiating the steep hills and farm tracks around Stoodleigh in Devon and is well familiar with wet and icy conditions.

Throughout the expedition she kept her fellow crew on their toes and basked in the attention she received in each country.  She adapted brilliantly to the challenges of a hot climate and particularly enjoyed the soft scrunch of the Tunisian Sahara under her wheels.



[row][column]Engine size: 2286cc
Cylinders: 4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Fuel type: Diesel
Wheelbase: 109” (2769mm)
Wheel plan: 2 axel rigid body
Body type: Light 4×4 utility
Weight: 1680kg unladen
Doors: 3[/column] [column]Suspension: leaf sprung
Length: 175” (4445mm)
Width: 66” (1676mm)
Height: 81” (2057mm)
Drive: Right hand
Mileage: 93878
Colour: Cream/green
Taxation class: Historical vehicle (tax exempt)[/column][/row]

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