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2013-12-CONTACTS MAP DECbWe are ordinary people aiming to challenge ourselves by going beyond our usual experiences.  To do this effectively we are building a network of links and collaborations allowing us to benefit from the knowledge of others.  The strength of our expedition lies in our ability to combine the knowledge we have with our capacity to gain access to the knowledge that we don’t have.

We are developing a wide range of contacts currently including:

  • In-country contacts, guides and personal friends
  • Expedition travel companies
  • Explorers and experienced travellers to the south and east Mediterranean region
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office staff including an ambassador
  • Cultural institutions
  • Arabic speakers
  • Communications professionals including software designers and documentary film makers
  • Off-road specialist vehicle designer
  • Middle Eastern historian and lecturer
  • International charity workers
  • International development researcher
  • Schools in the UK and along our route

These people are helping us to develop further in-country contacts and give us advice on:

  • Permissions/visas/bureaucracy
  • Borders, guides, escorts
  • Health and Safety
  • Route
  • Culture, local customs
  • Practical knowledge
  • Communications from the field (how to share our information with our home audience)
  • Identifying and filling gaps in our knowledge
  • Cost of local items
  • Producing a professional output: an exhibition, a visually appealing book and inspiring educational lectures

Can you give us any advice?  We’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions about things to see and do, places to go or people to meet.  Please help make our project a richer experience.

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