Homebound – Step 8: France

We reached Marseille and promptly got lost in the one way systems, road works and pedestrian areas of the city centre, finally being rewarded with a stroll through the old town where we treated ourselves to a delicious seafood meal in a little bistro along the waterfront of the old harbour. We felt Marseille was a fitting city to end our journey around the Med, with its rich history and strong links to many of the countries we have travelled through over the past few months. Its has the typical feel of any Mediterranean city, just like other cities we had the privilege to visit such as Tangier, Alger, Tripoli, Alexandria to name but a few. We felt instantly at home and loved the multiculturalism of the place – another city we need to return to and explore further!
And so for the final leg of the journey, up through France with just a couple of days to say hello to Anne-Laure’s family and get some much needed sleep having not seen a bed since Split!
Arriving a few days later at the Channel Tunnel at 4am, we were tired but happy with the realisation that here we were- almost back where we started almost 6 months ago – and very much looking forward to getting home!P1010282 P1010287 P1010298 P1010299 P1010308 P1010310 P1010379 P1010383 P1010393 P1010397 P1010402 P1010406 P1010410 P1010413 P1010420 P1010424 P1010426 P1010434 P1010436 P1010438 P1010439 PIMG_7279 PIMG_7282 PIMG_7286 PIMG_7289 PIMG_7293 PIMG_7301 PIMG_7306 PIMG_7318 PIMG_7319 PIMG_7370 PIMG_7403 PIMG_7403a PXIMG_7475 PXIMG_7482 PXIMG_7499 PXIMG_7504 PXIMG_7515 PXIMG_7523 PXIMG_7542 PxMG_7473 xP1010452 xP1010455