Two women travel overland to experience and document everyday life in the south and east Mediterranean.

Two women travel overland to experience and document everyday life in one of the most rapidly evolving regions in the world, the newly emerging south and east Mediterranean.

Linked by a love of maps, we will use our journey to create our own topological maps through the stories we encounter, recording the human face of the region.

Our maps will interweave the stories of the people we meet with our own, offering an original and personal narrative of experiences to sit alongside existing media perspectives.


[row][column]Frequently portrayed in the media, but visited by few independent travellers, the south and east Mediterranean encompasses some of the most rapidly evolving cultures in the world.  Despite global coverage of the area the personal lives and stories of individuals tend to get overlooked in the mainstream news.  This lack of exposure offers us, as travellers to the region, an extraordinary opportunity to gain valuable insight into the lives of the people we meet.


Throughout history human experiences have been shared through the art of storytelling and along this journey we aim to tell stories through the visual medium of map making.  A map is a thing of beauty, whether as a practical tool, historical observation, or work of art.  Maps develop over time through political and cultural events that shape the human landscape.  By creating a series of maps that focus on the personal stories we encounter we hope to broaden others’ perspectives about what this area has to offer.

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Our purpose is to gather stories of everyday life in the south and east Mediterranean which will form the backbone of our maps.  During this time we will regularly upload glimpses of daily life on the road in the form of writing, sketching and photographs.  On our return we will refine our data into a series of engaging, beautiful, even experimental maps that characterise our journey, with the ultimate aim of exhibiting our work in the UK.

Leaving our jobs and the security of our London lives behind us, we will push our boundaries by driving into the unknown.  Our trip will be unpredictable and how we adapt to changing circumstances is key.


We feel that our journey offers something original: a personal tale interweaving the stories of the people we meet with our own.  We hope our project will help break down inter-cultural prejudice, inspire people to discover more about this region and to keep an open mind.[/column][/row]

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