Homebound – Step 7: Monaco

Having driven from Split non-stop we approached Monaco around 9am – this would be the last new country for us bordering the Med. The smallest country by far we only planned to stop for a very necessary coffee along the waterfront before continuing on. After some slightly terrifying down hill hairpin bends with irate ferrari, Mercedes and Porsche drivers making their presence know in the growing tail back behind us – we decided to skip the caffeine pit-stop and keep going towards Marseille where we would feel slightly more at home!


P1010314 P1010317 P1010320 P1010334 P1010336 P1010343 P1010349 P1010358 P1010364 P1010368 P1010370

One comment on “Homebound – Step 7: Monaco
  1. Dom says:

    Landy in Monaco? Very chic!

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