Positive tales from the road: two women travel through North Africa and the Middle East

The Shifting Sands exhibition will be part of the InTRANSIT Festival, 19-28 June 2015

In central London daily from 11.00am  Entry is free – No booking required

150519 Exhibition Rd mock up

Come and share stories of North Africa and the Middle East over a cup of mint tea in central London and find out more about our extraordinary journey around the Mediterranean.

Driving through sensational landscapes and vibrant cities we navigated noise, exhaustion, discomfort, searing heat and numerous breakdowns – and came across generosity and creativity in every place we went, making friends in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Meet Landy, the third member of the team, who has tales of her own to tell: having left England as a classic British car she acquired a flavour of every country travelled through and behind each modification lies a story.

Further details can be found on the InTRANSIT Festival website.

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